College GameDay – ESPN


College GameDay – ESPN.

I guess GameDay is not about the the Best Game, but about making sure everyone has a trophy like in youth sports.

Instead of venturing back to see the #5 AuburnTigers play the #6 LSU Tigers they will venture to Columbia, Missouri to see the #6 Oklahoma Sooners play the #21 Missouri Tigers.

Nothing wrong with either Big 12 (and shrinking) school, just think they are in the wrong place this coming week.

What do you think?


via College GameDay – ESPN.


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2 responses to “College GameDay – ESPN”

  1. Kerry says :

    CBS has LSU-Auburn. They’ll always choose an ABC/ESPN game if they have a good option. Which they do.

  2. That_DanRyan says :

    No doubt Missouri-Oklahoma is good.

    LSU-Auburn will be Great!

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