Football, please stay on the ground –


Well, this is the end of filming practice from above isn’t it? Right now. Better yet, five minutes ago.



It has to be the end. There is no reasonable explanation for this antiquated tradition that led to the death of Notre Dame student Declan Sullivan on Wednesday. Notre Dame did it because everyone else did it. Those essentially were ND AD Jack Swarbrick’s words at Thursday’s news conference.



And that begs the obvious question, why?



Why put a human (or two) up in what amounts to an unstable cherry picker to film a football practice? For decades now, teams have put the value of having an end-zone shot of a scrimmage above that of a human life. What, for a better camera angle?



via Football, please stay on the ground –


My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this young man.

For Notre Dame and many other college programs I only have questions.

Surely there is a better way?  I worked in manufacturing for many years and we would never put someone in an unstable device like this with high winds.  That is just not good common sense.

This will end up in litigation and someone will pay, and deep pockets will be tapped.

It is unfortunate that one young man had his life cut short because of the short-sighted thinking of others who should have known better.


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