Collier: Cam Kerfuffle “Tempest in a teapot” stirred up by jilted rivals

I have copied some exerpts from an article published this morning in response to this “tempest in a teapot” stirred up by Florida Coach Urban Meyer and his former right-hand man, Dan Mullen with help from Georgia Alum,  Mark Schlabach.

Sounds to me like the grapes in Gainesville are sour and that Mark is wanting to distract Auburn prior to their meeting with Georgia next week.

Really disappointing if you ask me.  Drop ESPN down about 3 notches for participating in this baloney.

Dan Mullen

Urban Meyer

In this case, the “somebodies” who went public are apparently Bond and embattled Florida coach Urban Meyer. According to reporting from’s Jeffrey Lee, the Newton allegations bubbled up to the surface thanks to a recent phone conversation between Bond, Meyer and Mississippi State coach (and former Meyer assistant) Dan Mullen. Per Lee’s account, Meyer was insistent that the charges should go public, while Mullen disagreed.

A couple of points here. Urban Meyer is suffering through the worst season of his career as a major-school head coach. He’s been taking fire all year for his moribund offense, and for letting Cam Newton leave Florida after his redshirt sophomore year. Meyer is known to be good friends with Pete Thamel; it’s not at all hard to imagine the coach calling up his buddy in the press to try and deflect attention away from his own failings. Thamel, who’d already seen one breathlessly-reported Auburn “scandal” story dissolve into nothing more than a pissing match between two geriatric professors, probably jumped at the chance to take another swing at AU.

Mark Schlabach-ESPN

In doing  so, he and his ESPN colleagues (John Bond, the sole source for both stories, worked with Mark Schablach in television a while back) picked a pretty fishy witness to hang their hats on. Bond’s accusations rest on his alleged conversations with Kenny Rogers, a scab player for the Miami Dolphins during the 1987 strike, who has quite the checkered past. He’s currently under investigation by the NFL and NFLPA for misrepresenting himself to potential draftees. Rogers’ company is apparently bankrupt, with more than $11,000 in overdrawn checks. Cecil Newton says he didn’t even meet Rogers until Cam’s visit to Starkville last November, and flatly states that if Rogers solicited money from anyone, he did so on his own without the knowledge of the Newtons.

via – Collier: Cam Kerfuffle.


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