Should the NCAA be at Mississippi State?

The information in italics below comes directly from Mark Schlabach’s article on yesterday.  Read it and then answer the questions below:

During the height of star quarterback Cam Newton‘s recruitment out of junior college last year, a man who said he represented Newton allegedly was soliciting a six-figure payment to secure his signature on a national letter of intent, has learned.

Former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond John Bond-former MSU QB

told a teammate of Bond’s at Mississippi State in the early 1980s contacted him soon after Newton’s official visit to Mississippi State during the Ole Miss game in December, and said he was representing Newton.

"He said it would take some cash to get Cam," Bond said. "I called our athletic director, Greg Byrne, and he took it from there. That was pretty much it."

Multiple sources told that Mississippi State called the SEC office with Bond’s information shortly after he brought it to the attention of the school.

Sources told the former teammate is Kenny Rogers, who played at Mississippi State from 1982 to ’85. Rogers operates a Chicago-based company called Elite Football Preparation, which holds camps in Chicago, Alabama and Mississippi. A Lexis search for that business lists Kenneth Rogers as the contact and his title as "agent." A Birmingham News story from 2008 said Elite Football Preparation "matches high school athletes with college programs."


Let’s get started with today’s lesson:

1.  Which school is mentioned in the article as the recruiting target?

2.  Which school did the person who “spilled the beans” attend?

3.  Which school did the scumbag with the greedy hands attend?

If you answered “Mississippi State” on all three you get a gold star, or should I say a cowbell.


Here are my questions for today-these are a little more challenging to answer:

1.  Why did Chris Low, Mark Schlabach and Pat Forde decide to write this article this week?  This is old news.  The NCAA has been there and investigated already.  Could the Alabama leanings of Forde, the Georgia leanings of Schlabach, and general interest in stirring up some type of story be the reason?

2.  Why does this seem to point back to Urban Meyer and Florida?  Ironically, while Mississippi State is the school with questionable links, their coach, Dan Mullen, is a Florida Dan Mullen-MSU Coach

protégé and he was Cam’s offensive coach when at Florida.  Is this one massive “conspiracy theory” on my part to have the Florida people find a way  to reduce the roadblocks they may see if they happen to get to the SEC championship from the SEC Leastern division?


All interesting questions.  But my question still remains, why is the investigation not in Starkville?  NCAA investigators, look below for a map to the MSU campus from your office in Indy.,+Indianapolis,+IN+46204&daddr=starkville,+ms&geocode=FfPIXgId1SHd-impkYw2slBriDFVYoiarjfuXQ%3BFaBp_gEdLb20-ilpaJiyDzWBiDFyAVvDlF81kA&gl=us&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=39.766259,-86.171179&sspn=0.009731,0.01929&ie=UTF8&ll=36.608165,-87.25291&spn=6.31553,3.13114&output=embed
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