SEC Football Predictions-Thanksgiving Week, 2010

It just doesn’t seem possible that we are already at Thanksgiving week in 2010.  The year has flown by and so has this exciting season of SEC and College Football.  We are in the final week of the season for all SEC teams except for Auburn and South Carolina, who will meet in the Georgia Dome on Saturday December 4 to play for the SEC championship.

Listed below you will find my predictions for this week.  My heart may overrule my head in a few picks, but certainly not in the most important pick, the Iron Bowl.

I hope you and your family and friends have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Ole Miss-Mississippi State (Egg Bowl)

I am not sure of the genesis of the name Egg Bowl, but I am sure that his is a bitter and heated rivalry.  The game is in Oxford this year and for that reason I am picking the Rebels to upset the Bulldogs. 
Final Score:  Ole Miss 27-Mississippi St. 24

Kentucky at Tennessee

Another bitter rivalry that has been quite one sided for 25 years.  I think things will change this year and the Cats will cut down the nets, I mean goalposts, after they upset the Vols in Knoxville.  Derek Dooley has done great work with little talent, but no cigar, or bowl game, this year.
Final Score:  UK 35-UT 31

Florida-Florida State

This used to be a game between two highly-skilled, nationally ranked teams.  Not this year…They will be playing for pride and bragging rights alone this year.
Final Score:  FSU 31-UF 28


This game has some big implications for the BCS bowl picture and for supremacy in the SEC.  LSU has done a lot with little offense this year and this week it will all come crumbling down.  The Hogs will feast on the LSU defense, much like Auburn did, and the result will not be pretty.
Final Score:  Arkansas 49-LSU 28

Georgia-Georgia Tech

Another game between bitter rivals in down years.  UGA has played better the past few weeks, but their saving grace in this game is the home field.  Aaron Murray has a bright future in this league and AJ Green will be missed when he plays on Sunday next season.
Final Score:  Georgia 28-GT 24

South Carolina – Clemson

This could be a flat week for the Gamecocks, but they are fortunate to be playing a not-so-tough Clemson team.  The home field advantage is good for something, but not this week.
Final Score:  USC 35-Clemson 31

Wake Forest-Vanderbilt

The sleeper game of the week, not because of being overlooked, but because both teams either put me to sleep or make me wish I was sleeping.  Seriously, as a Vandy fan and Alum I have empathy for this Vandy squad and it will be a bittersweet start for Jared Funk in his final collegiate game.  I predict a great outcome for J-Funk.
Final Score:  Vandy 31-WF 17

Auburn-Alabama (The Iron Bowl)

I had to do this last since it is the game I will watch most closely and one where my two sons will be in attendance rooting for Auburn.  I grew up a Notre Dame fan, but by the Grace of God I moved south and now understand why football is so important in our part of the country.

Auburn is solid offensively and questionable on the defensive side.  Alabama is a mere shadow of their former self and they are living on their press clippings and media support.  This could get ugly in may respects.
Final Score:  Auburn 49-Alabama 31 (it will not seem that close)

What do you think?  I look forward to your comments.


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