Look — grandstanding Heisman voters! – CBSSports.com

Some day, if I play my cards right, I will be granted a Heisman vote. Such a responsibility is given only to the few, the proud, the douchebag.

Well, it was given to six douchebags. The six who have grandstanded their way into the Cam Newton story by announcing that they will not, cannot, shall not, vote Newton for Heisman. So it was written, so it will be. Amen.


Who do you think you are? And I’m talking to all six of you, two of whom I know well, and like very much. This doesn’t change anything for me, Mike Bianchi or David Whitley. Still love you guys. But this decision of yours, this holier-than-thou proclamation to protect the integrity of the Heisman, makes me want to vomit.

Newton is eligible to play for Auburn. He is eligible to win the Heisman. Therefore, if he is the best player in college football this season — and only an idiot would suggest he’s not — then he must get that vote.

via Look — grandstanding Heisman voters! – CBSSports.com.

If he is eligible to play then he should be eligible for the award.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, we have a few grandstanding sportswriters who want to attract attention.  That is the real issue here.

Why don’t writers just tell us the story.  We don’t care about you and your political views.  Keep them to yourselves.


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One response to “Look — grandstanding Heisman voters! – CBSSports.com”

  1. Rick says :

    Dan – that’s a ridiculous sentiment. The NCAA clearly failed to properly adjudicate the situation with Cam Newton’s eligibility by stating that the sins of the father do not become the sins of the son, and to chastise sportswriters for taking a moral stand and saying, “you’re wrong NCAA, and any American with a brain in his head knows it,” is more morally suspect than the behavior of which you’re accusing these sportswriters.
    By making a body like the NCAA – which has no moral, legal or ethical accountability to the citizens of the United States – the ultimate arbiter of right-and-wrong and to withhold judgment as a sportswriter would be the most negligent abandonment of a writer’s responsibility to his subject matter. “Holier than thou?” If by which you mean, “holier than Cam Newton’s father,” then you are absolutely correct. NCAA FBS football is simultaneously one of the most popular and most hypocritical institutions in America. The idea that sportswriters are beginning to modestly and incrementally take steps to stand up to that hypocrisy is a refreshing change of pace of most sports fans.

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