Chris Otule of Marquette sheds light on condition – JSOnline

During the second half of the Marquette Golden Eagles‘ 77-76 loss at No. 24 Vanderbilt last night, ESPN2 analyst Mark Gottfried made mention of the fact Chris Otule has only one eye.

Judging by the amount of feedback I received during and after the game, it’s a topic that caught most Golden Eagles fans off-guard.

Chris Otule, Vision

Chris Otule-Marquette

Otule has worn protective goggles since arriving at MU in 2008, but I think it was assumed it was because one of his eyes had been injured previously.

So prior to practice on Thursday, Otule set the record straight.

via Otule sheds light on condition – JSOnline.

I saw this young man play earlier this week when Marquette played at Vanderbilt.  I had no clue that he had one eye, only that he was wearing goggles.

I thought he played a good game as someone without that challenge and I am even more impressed now that I know the rest of the story.

Best wishes to Chris Otule and Marquette the rest of this year.


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