Springdale, Arkansas has become a thorn in the side of Vanderbilt Athletics

Upon first glance you will think to yourself, “Has Dan gone off the deep end?”  Read on and you will more fully understand.  Let’s start with basketball and work backwards.

Arkansas, Michael Sanchez, Springdale

Michael Sanchez

Vanderbilt had the unfortnate occurrence to run into the Arkansas Razorbacks yesterday and the Dores ended up on the short end of the the stick, losing 89-78 to the Hogs.  There were two key components to the Arkansas victory, with one being Rotnei Clarke and the other being Michael Sanchez.  Seeing Rotnei Clarke go for 30 was not pleasant, but it was not surprising.  Seeing Michael Sanchez shred Festus Ezeli and Steve Tchiengang for 20 on his own was a huge surprise and that is the first Springdale connection.  Sanchez is in his fourth year with the Hogs, but he missed most of last year due to a foot injury and he has just started to roll into shape with Arkansas.  Yesterday he was a steamroller and Vandy fans and the team alike were shellshocked.  He was awesome.

Michael Sanchez is the first thorn from Springdale for Vanderbilt, but the earlier thorn is a more renowned name.

Gus Malzahn, Auburn, Arkansas, Springdale

Gus Malzahn

Gus Malzahn was reportedly the first coach that Vandy had offered the Head Football Coaching role to after the firing/resignation of Robby Caldwell.  Everyone knows Gus from his time with Auburn and he even goes further back with the Razorbacks as their offensive coordinator under Houston Nutt.  What many do not realize is that Gus Malzahn was a very successful high school coach at Springdale High and also at Shiloh Christian School.  You guessed it, he is the second thorn in the Vandy side, since he spurned the Dores to stay at Auburn for about  1.5 million George Washingtons.

So now you have it.  Springdale, Arkansas; the nemesis of Vanderbilt Athletics for the last 3 months.  First on the gridiron with Gus Malzahn and yesterday on the hallowed hardwood of Memorial Gym with Michael Sanchez.

You might win a trivia contest with this information, but I highly doubt it will ever come up again.


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