SEC Baseball Update: Monday May 9


Greetings from England!  This post is being sent whilst I work with a client north of London, but fear not, technology allows me to keep up with the goings on in the SEC as the race to first place continues to heat up among the big 3, Carolina, Vandy and Florida.  We had a changing of the guard this weekend with the Commodores taking back the top spot over the Gamecocks as the Dores won 2 of 3 in Lexington from a spunky UK team while the Gamecocks lost 2 of 3 in Oxford to an equally feisty  ole miss colonel 

Ole Miss team.  Florida also lost 2 of 3 on the road at Arkansas, Pig Sooey!  arkansas logo

Here are the current standings in the SEC as of this morning:

SEC East

Vandy          19-5
Carolina        18-6
Florida          18-6
Georgia       14-10
Kentucky      5-19
Tennessee    5-19

SEC West

Arkansas        12-12
Alabama        12-12
Ole Miss          11-13
Auburn           11-13
Miss. St.          11-13

The teams advancing to Hoover for the SEC tournament if it were played today would be Vandy, Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn and Miss. St.  This may change with two weekends left in the season.

Clearly the top 3 teams in the league are a cut above the rest, but any team can beat any other team and it should be an outstanding team when the top 8 reach Hoover in late May.  Here are the pairings for week 9 of the regular season:

Alabama at Auburn
Arkansas at South Carolina
Georgia at Kentucky
Tennessee at LSU
Mississippi State at Ole Miss
Florida at Vandy

The games this weekend should be quite exciting with several teams trying to hold onto their playoff spot or their top seeding in the league.  Only Kentucky and Tennessee are playing for pride, everyone else has a chance to make it to the tournament.

I’ll try to send more from England later this week.  I hope to have an update on the English Premier League as well as some information about Rugby or Cricket.  Nothing like a little variety to make your week more enjoyable.

Have a great week!


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