Super-Regional Predictions-Will this become the SEC-ACC playoff?

As we get set to enter the next round of NCAA college baseball, I thought it only appropriate that I put out my 2 cents on who I think will be in Omaha next week at the “new” Rosenblatt.

Here Goes:

Mississippi State at Florida 
just another weekend in the SEC, with slightly higher stakes.  Florida is good, very good, but State has nothing to lose.

Gators in 3

Arizona State at Texas
The Longhorns get to play another team with a pedigree similar to theirs.  I suspect that the Sun Devils will have what it takes to corral the steers.

ASU in 3

Oregon State at Vanderbilt
here is where my biases will come out to some degree.  Vandy is very good, but this is a first-time experience hosting a super regional.  The Dores will go to Omaha, but not in a sweep.

Vandy in 3

Stanford at North Carolina
The Cardinal shared a charter flight with Oregon State until they go to Atlanta, but they will not be sharing flights next weekend.  Stanford will pull the upset of this group and win this series.

Stanford in 2

UC Irvine at Virginia
The Hoos are poised to make a run this year and they will sweep UC Irvine in historic Charlottesville.

Hoos in 2

Dallas Baptist at Cal
This is like George Mason and Butler from the basketball side.  Dallas Baptist has come from nowhere (nowhere Texas, that is) and their train will get derailed on the left coast.

Cal in 3

Texas A&M at Florida State
Vandy got the honor to play in the heat of Tallahassee last year and the Aggies come from the home of similar heat.  Gig em!

Aggies in 3

Connecticut at South Carolina
My heart of hearts wants to pick the defending national champions, but they are a banged-up group and Connecticut is on a mission.

Huskies in 3


Hold the tomatoes!  You are not going to agree with all of these; if you don’t get your won blog.


Seriously, have a great weekend and we’ll talk next week as I blog from the UK (no, not Lexington) on business.


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