Who will win the “Arms Race” in the College World Series?

When you hear the term “Arms Race”

   you think of things that have nothing to do with baseball, especially College Baseball.  I hearken back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when America at first floundered and then finally won this race under the leadership and vision of Ronald Reagan.

College Baseball has its’ own Arms Race and it is more than the obvious appendage to the pitchers you see, especially those in Omaha this week.  I received a message from an ACC fan who wondered why the SEC was so dominant this year (and in past years) and this dominance boils down to a few key items:

  • great coaching
  • great facilities or improving facilities
  • weather
  • fan interest

None of these items is totally independent of the other, though we have no control over the weather, but our geography in the southeast certainly does play a part in why our teams play more and attract more top talent to the SEC, ACC and other leagues.  Weather certainly doesn’t hurt the Big 12 (especially south) and the west coast conferences.

We will talk more about the national arms race in another post, but let’s look ahead to the upcoming arms race in Omaha on Friday and Saturday.

Vandy vs. Florida

At first glance this appears to be another Florida victory, but not so fast.  Vanderbilt will have Sonny Gray


on the bump Friday afternoon at TD Ameritrade park while the Gators will counter with something less, probably Brian Johnson,


who has not pitched since being bonked in the head by Mike Zunino on a throw, or Alex Penteliodis, who held the Dores in check in Hoover in late May.  Vandy has a psychological hurdle to overcome, but if they do, this will result in a Saturday game with Grayson Garvin versus some other Gator.

Who knows what will happen?  One thing is for certain.  The SEC will hold 3 of the final 4 spots in Omaha and this has NEVER happened before.  No surprise to this writer as I have followed Vandy, Florida and South Carolina all year long.

One final note, if USC does win (not the cheating Trojans, the Gamecocks!), they will have to give credit to Vanderbilt.  Jackie Bradley Jr. had surgery on his hand in April and it was done at Vanderbilt Medical Center by Dr. Douglas Weikert,   a former Vandy baseball player.  It doesn’t get more “small world” than that.

Play Ball!


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