It’s been a while since I last posted-Sorry for my long vacation

SEC logoHello and Happy Saturday!  I suspect many of you have been to see Harry Potter    and the newest version of the money making machine generated by JK Rowling and her books.  I thought I would cast out a few random thoughts on this lovely morning to see how you view some of the things I see in the sports world today.

Just remember this; it is only 49 days until the kickoff of the SEC football season!

  • Wimbledon; did anyone watch and does anyone care?  I cannot tell you who won the men’s or women’s singles or doubles-can you?
  • Tour de France-I watch this 2 or 3 evenings per week, but there doesn’t seem to be too much happening thus far.  Am I wrong?  How many have been kicked out for doping so far?
  • Major League baseball All-Star game; I never miss this event and I didn’t watch an inning this year.  I tried to watch the home run derby, but it got stretched out way, way, way too long.  Just one more example of too much television for sports…Too many channels, too many events-we need to have a severe reduction in channels and networks.
  • Pro Football-who needs it?  I do not.  I can envision the SEC and a few other enterprising conferences taking over the Sunday slot and leaving the NFL in their dust.  As I said before, the NFL, who needs it?
  • College Football-I cannot get enough on the Ohio State implosion and I am so   looking forward to the rest of the story when athletics director Gene Smith and President Gordon Gee “get theirs” over all of the wrong doing in this shrine of college sports.  I truly believe that Ohio State fans and Alabama fans are the same people, they just have two different accents they use depending on the day and the geography.
  • College Baseball-I am still going through withdrawal after Vandy finished in the top 4 at the College World Series.  My hat is off to the South Carolina Gamecocks for their repeat performance and also to the Florida Gators for continuing to handle the Dores regardless of the day or time or sport.  My hope is that the coming year will provide an opportunity for a little payback, especially in basketball and baseball.

Enough for today.  Tell me how you are doing.


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