Around the SEC: Mister C loves the company of Ole Misery during Football season

We have completed three weeks in the new college football season and some things are readily apparent.  Ole Miss is awful and there is almost no doubt that this fall is the advent of the Houston Nutt Farewell Tour.  Coach Nutt took special care to call 2 

timeouts in the last 30 seconds at Vanderbilt yesterday while his team was down 23 points.  He must have been savoring the moment, the last time he will coach O’fer Miss at Dudley Field.

Here are a few other highlights of the day:


Alabama rolled by North Texas 41-0.  Extra credit points to anyone who knows where in the world North Texas is…

Arkansas squeaked by Troy 38-28.  Can you say “looking ahead” to the Hogs for their game next week against Bama.

Louisville wins the Boredom Bowl   by defeating UK 24-17.  UK seems destined to a year similar to Ole Misery’s.

South Carolina survives an invasion by the Middies of Navy, 24-21.    I actually thought Navy would win and picked them in several underdog polls.  If your school ever schedules them, fire the person who signed the contract.

Florida keeps Tennessee in the lower division of the SEC East with a 33-23 win at the Swamp.

Georgia takes out many frustrations   against Coastal Carolina 59-0.

Clemson wins the Tiger Bowl by outscoring Auburn 38-28 at Clemson; aka as “Auburn with a lake”, one that had been died poorly to commemorate the occasion.

Vanderbilt climbs to 3-0 with their annual win over Ole Misery, 30-7, a game I attended in person, and one that gave me the worst sunburn I have had in years.  (no photos allowed-my face is as red as the neck of many of my friends)


What does this all mean?  Here are a few thoughts:

Ole Miss and Kentucky will be cellar dwellers this year-what else is new?

Tennessee is improving-how much we do not know.

Vandy is still an enigma, but they are a 3-0 enigma who will have their chance next week in Columbia against the Gamecocks.

Auburn’s defense was torched by a suspect Clemson team.  Might Ted Roof be considering a relocation package from the Plains?

Bama and Arkansas will square off next weekend.  Bama will torch the Hogs, but more about that in my next post.

Carolina is good, but how good?


Hope you enjoyed your games yesterday.  Special mention goes out to Casey Brockman, quarterback of Murray State, my first alma mater.  Casey and the Racers torched TSU, another alma mater, for over 600 yards passing in their victory yesterday.

Go Racers!  Hope all of my AOPi buddies enjoyed their get together in Murray!

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