Week 4-I see feathers scattered in Columbia…

Whew!  I almost forgot to make my predictions for the week.  No wonder the Dow tanked today. LOL

Seriously, here are my predictions for the week, and no, I have not been drinking.

I stand by my picks.  Navy  

almost beat USC last weekend and this is the first of two consecutive weeks where the Gamechicks  will go down in a swirl of feathers, first at the hands of the Commodores and then to the defending National Champions from the loveliest little village on the plains.

Here they are-read them and weep or laugh:

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Georgia  uga logo Ole Miss  Houston Nutt loses another at the hands of the next shakiest coach in the SEC, Mark Richt, 35-14.
Arkansas  arkansas logo Alabama  alabama Just call me crazy; Mr. Personality, Bobby Petrino, gets that signature win over the Tide,  31-28.
Florida  floridagators Kentucky  How many days until basketball season?  Florida wins 45-10.
Vanderbilt   South Carolina  Mr. C has a big smile again as the Dores prove they are for real; Vandy wins 24-21.
Florida Atlantic  Auburn  I’ll be attending this one in person and will try to avoid the awful sunburn I acquired last weekend in Nashville; Auburn 38-FAU 24.
Louisiana Tech  Mississippi State  miss_state logo Dan Mullen gets that second W as the Bullies win at home; 31-14.
  West Virginia  This will be much closer than many expect as the beer sales and chapped _sses in WV see red after a turn-down by the SEC; Tigers 21-WVU 20.


I hope you have a great weekend of College Football, wherever you are.


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