What we (think) we know after the first weekend of SEC Men’s basketball

It is early Sunday morning and here are a few thoughts after the first day of conference play for the SEC men:

Vandy has picked up their game, but Auburn  looks really bad right now.  The Tigers played a cupcake pre-conference schedule and that was apparent after the beating they took in Nashville yesterday.

Kentucky is, well, Kentucky.  They won again at home, but we will see how the road treats them soon.  USC is not strong again this year and I suspect that Darrin Horne will be looking for a new role after this season.

is still a work in progress.  I was shocked when they defeated Marquette last month and the Tigers handled the Rebs from Ole Miss quite handily yesterday.  I believe that Andy Kennedy could share some resume tips with the aforementioned Darrin Horne after this season, even sooner.

Alabama is a team in search of a perimeter game and when it appears, consistently, they will be a bona fide Top 20 program.  Yesterday may have been that day.  Georgia may have  peaked under Mark Fox and the future there looks murky.

Florida came to Knoxville and expected their newspaper clippings to win the game for them.  The pesky Vols had a different outcome in mind and Cuonzo Martin’s crew played hard and spanked the Gators.  Florida is the flip of Bama; the Gators are searching for an inside game and they should look up the word defense in the dictionary while looking.

Mississippi State learned the challenges of the road in league play as they went down to the Hogs in Fayetteville.  Mike Anderson was the perfect fit for the Razorbacks and I suspect they will be a surprise team this year in conference play.


More next weekend.  Be sure to tune in for the second LSU win over Alabama tomorrow in the SEC playoff, also known as the BCS National Championship.


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