SEC Baseball Tournament Preview

I will walk you through my bracket, but here is how I see the SEC Baseball Tournament playing out next week:

sec baseball tournament bracket 2012_dan's predictions

I first thought that and Vandy would play in the finals next Sunday, but I think Mississippi State is on a roll and they just may beat the Tigers.

Kentucky will have an early exit and Florida will lose early before being knocked out by South Carolina.

USC typically plays poorly in Hoover, and this year may be a slight improvement.

Ole Miss will continue their misery and Auburn will get an early win and then head home.

Georgia will be, well they will be Georgia.

You may feel free to disagree and I hope you will share your comments with me.

If you would like to submit your thoughts for the championship you can fill out your own bracket by clicking here and submitting the results.

Hope to see many of you in Hoover.  I hope to see myself there next Sunday to watch the Dores play.


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2 responses to “SEC Baseball Tournament Preview”

  1. Tami says :

    tried 2 go to bracket and give you my pred but file not in correct formart -gives url error message for acrobat….BUT last 2 >>>USC & LSU

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