A bit of “Poetic Justice” in Vanderbilt’s recent victories over Florida

This one will be short and to the point.  For those who follow SEC baseball you will certainly remember that in 2011 the Florida Gators certainly had the number of the Vanderbilt Commodores.  This ranged from winning the season series here at Hawkins Field through the Championship Game in Hoover last May and then through 2 games in Omaha.

This continued into 2012 as the young and rebuilding Dores ventured to Gainesville early in the conference schedule and lost three straight to the Gators.

Here is where the justice part comes in.

During the Florida-Vandy games in Nashville in 2011 Florida closer Austin Maddox    Austin Maddoxhit a home run (he is a complete player) and while rounding the bases he gave a pretty smug look, maybe even a leer, into the Vandy dugout.  I thought the team would come unglued, even coach and it took a moment or two to calm things down.

Fast forward to yesterday’s game in Hoover where the Dores entered the 9th inning down 4-3 and proceeded to run rampant on the Gators and guess who the closer was that the Dores “ran over”?


You would be 100% correct if you guessed Austin Maddox.

I suspect Maddox has matured from that little spat of 2011 and I am not sure that many others remember this, but I do and I know many others who do.

Who says there are no Baseball Gods……

I’ll be in Hoover today to watch the Dores play the Bulldogs of Mississippi State.

You might remember that I predicted this final on Tuesday of last week.  You can click here to read the post and see my picks.

Just goes to show you that even I can get one right occasionally.


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