The Irish need to be careful regarding what they have wished for

Many a Golden Domer has wished for this moment for years.  They have seen their program struggle over two decades and have prayed and hoped for a return to significance in the college football world.  Many now think that day has come.

As a former Domer, and I might add that I was a caustic one, the upcoming game between the Irish and Alabama will be a rude awakening for most Irish fans, but not for any fan of Bama or the Southeastern Conference.  While Notre Dame has certainly advanced through their schedule this year without a loss, they have had many a close scrape and the level of competition they have faced really pales in comparison to their foes from the Eastern half of Alabama.

I’ll certainly write more about this in the coming weeks, but we will start the discussion this way:

Alabama will defeat Notre Dame by two touchdowns or more when they play in Miami in January-Period.

Have a great day.


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