Nashville’s upcoming economic calamity

Nashville has been fortunate to host the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament on a number of occasions and fans from across the southeast generally enjoy coming to the Music City.  The Nashville Sports Council and the Nashville CVB play a very large role in this event and it is done well, just like everything they do.

2013 presents a unique situation for this group as we approach the 2013 tournament.  With the new 14 team bracket the bottom four teams play on Wednesday and the top four teams play on Friday with the middle teams playing on Thursday against the winners on Wednesday.

Here is the nightmare:  Kentucky and the fans of the Big Blue dictate the size of the crowds at any SEC basketball event.  If Kentucky wins, people attend.

Kentucky is a little under the level of their 2012 level and they have proven vulnerable thus far, especially on the road.

Kentucky is in the top four right now, so they are schedule to play on Friday.

If they lose on Friday, the weekend will be dead in Music City and the lost revenues will be large.

Here is the “perfect storm” analogy, the worst case scenario.

Let’s say that they Wildcats lose 2 or more of their final four games against Mississippi State, Arkansas, Georgia and Florida.  The possibility is not that hard to fathom.

If Kentucky ends up playing on Thursday first and loses then, the 2013 SEC Tournament will be an utter disaster from a financial view.

For those of you who have never attended a tournament, this may not make any sense.

For those like me who have seen the tournament in many cities, this is reality and the last thing the SEC office and Nashville leaders want to see is a Kentucky loss anytime soon.

We will see how this plays out.

I will say this, John Calipari is starting to resemble George Clooney more and more every day.


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