College World Series 2013-What will happen?

I am just about over the depression that set in last sunday afternoon when Vandy lost to Louisville.

As a fan of the college game I am putting in my 2 cents worth as the annual classic gets ready to kick off in Omaha this weekend.

Here is my impression of what to expect:

North Carolina, NC State, UCLA and LSU are in one bracket.

Louisville, Indiana, Mississippi St. and Oregon State are in the other bracket.

North Carolina seems to be a team of destiny, but UCLA has solid pitching and I think they will surprise everyone and win that pool, even over LSU.

Indiana is the darling of the other bracket, but Louisville is playing well and Mississippi State is a gritty bunch.


I see UCLA and Mississippi State in the finals with the Bruins winning it all.

What do you think?




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One response to “College World Series 2013-What will happen?”

  1. Ryan Search says :

    Wow! I hate to say I told you so, but I did!

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